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Buy, Build or Sell Conference

Exclusively at Outdoor Business Pros on Dec 8-9 2020

Take control of your business

Join the event that will empower you to make the best decisions possible whether you are looking to buy, build or sell an outdoor hospitality business.

Over 50 sessions led by over 20 of the top professionals in the market.

Looking to Buy, Build or Sell an RV Park, Campground or Glamping Business? This is the go to resource and event for that information.

Enter 2021 with an Abundance of Information

You are a dynamic and powerful business person who understands that information is the key to your success. As 2020 comes to a close and you look at 2021 there are a laundry list of questions, decisions and actions that will determine your success in both the short term and the long term.

This conference on Dec 8-9 2020 is designed to take advantage of everyone else’s downtime during the holidays to propel you in to 2021. As a bonus with full access you will also be automatically connecting with the weekly masterminds, specialized trainings and engagement that comes with a full access membership to Outdoor Business Pros

Training from the Best in the Business

Over 20 of the top names in the industry are coming together to get you the exact right information at the best moment in time. With expertise running the gamut from operations to marketing to finance to real estate and so much more.

We have put together over 50 training sessions that are ON DEMAND. This means you will have access based upon your schedule and availability to watch, learn, take notes and watch again.

Get Even More than a Conference

Outdoor Business Pros is an ongoing mastermind and training program for Outdoor Professionals. Get the skills and information you need consistently as you grow your business and revenue. All full access attendees will be able to get access to the Outdoor Business Pros for the specified period of time (see the registration page for details)

On Demand Training

A complete virtual platform accessible on your schedule and on any device. Quickly train staff and understand what you need for success.

Mark Koep and CampgroundViews.com invite you to join the Outdoor Business Pros. Take advantage of our amazing program, skills and knowledge in an easy to use virtual on demand environment designed for your success. You know this is important… so take control today.

Live and pre-recorded session on demand for you

Weekly Strategy Calls

Join with the industry and your peers as we come together to grow each of our businesses and expertise. Engage, discuss, learn and share from operators, owners, vendors, industry professionals, developers, dreamers, and everyone that makes our industry run.

  • Weekly strategy calls
  • Interaction with peers and core groups
  • Tips, tricks and strategies
  • Actionable guidance you can implement today
  • A private safe community to ask and answer important questions
  • Friendship and support that you have been missing as an entrepreneur.

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