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Outdoor Business Pros

RV Park, campground, glamping destination owners, operators, managers and staff… this is exclusively for you

Get the training, knowledge and skills you need to take control of your business and explode your outdoor destination operations.

Step by step actionable training and guidance
that you can implement on your own and see the results in your bottom line

Virtual Training for Outdoor Destinations

In a fast changing world it has become more important than ever to understand and smartly implement marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns that work… but how do you do this properly?

– Training
– How to classes
– One on one coaching
– Mentorship
– Accountability

Training from the Best in the Business

You know there are things you should be doing, can be doing and need to be doing to improve your operations. Yet hiring someone is outside the budget and you want to take control over the results.

The best in the business at your call. Mark Koep is the go to expert on operating a camping business for success.

“Our grand opening was a massive success!” MN North Carolina RV Park Developer
“We can not believe all of the new customers coming in.” IK South Carolina Park Owner/ Manager
“Our length of guest stay has doubled this year… amazing.” RU California Park Owner/ Manager

On Demand Training

A complete virtual platform accessible on your schedule and on any device. Quickly train staff and understand what you need for success.

Mark Koep and CampgroundViews.com invite you to join the Outdoor Business Pros. Take advantage of our amazing program, skills and knowledge in an easy to use virtual on demand environment designed for your success. You know this is important… so take control today.

Live and pre-recorded session on demand for you

Weekly Strategy Calls

Join with the industry and your peers as we come together to grow each of our businesses and expertise. Engage, discuss, learn and share from operators, owners, vendors, industry professionals, developers, dreamers, and everyone that makes our industry run.

  • Weekly strategy calls
  • Interaction with peers and core groups
  • Tips, tricks and strategies
  • Actionable guidance you can implement today
  • A private safe community to ask and answer important questions
  • Friendship and support that you have been missing as an entrepreneur.