So much has changed in our world and in your business. Where do you begin to gain an understanding of our changed roles, changed operations, and the changed consumer.

The Back to Camping Summit brings together some of the leading experts in our industry with actionable strategies, techniques and concepts that you will be able to apply today and change your trajectory into the future.

With a wide body of experience, 1,000 other attendees, and engaging platform you are certain to find some of the answers to questions keeping you up at night.

Session Style

The Back to Camping Summit is designed to give you the exact right answers and guidance you need NOW to get back into business. Business will never be the same after this and the entire program is designed to get you prepared for a new world.

18 sessions spread over two action packed days. Each session will:

  • Provide a short presentation with actionable advice
  • Have downloadable guides, worksheets or action plans
  • Give you the chance to ask (and have answered) your specific questions from the expert.

You have access until the end of the month to re-watch or catch up on missed sessions.

Past Session Recordings

Time to TiVo this thing! Click the image below to view the recordings of the great sessions you missed or want to see again.

Discovering resilience in you and applying it to your operations and team: How you can overcome

Panel: What are Campers Saying About Their Plans for Camping?

Back in Business: Making Our Way Out of the Coronavirus Pandemic

What Does Being Open Look Like? Employees and Operations

A Lawyer’s Tale: The “Full Hook-up” to Legal Issues

KEYNOTE: The Camping Comeback

How the past can guide us through this crisis

How Campgrounds can Thrive Financially in the New Tomorrow

The Disaster is Ending: How do you recover and prepare for the next one

Marketing for a changed consumer

Can Glamping Trends in Europe tell us what will happen in the US?

What is data showing NOW about your camping audience?

Immersive Hospitality: The Art of Enhancing Your Guests’ Experience

Getting a Grip on Operations and Management for Your Park

Creating your action plan for YOUR success

Can pricing be your most powerful tool?

Step by step guide for using virtual tools to engage guests safely

Preparing for your Camping Season on a short timeline

How to get back guests using social media a step by step guide