Topics and Training

Topics and Training

This is a holistic training program that is hands on and tailored to your needs. You will have access to live training, modules and pre-recorded sessions. Some the topics will include:

Social Media

How and what to do with social media to increase bookings, engage with guests and grow your business.

Covering all the major social media platforms including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

Digital Ads

How does Google Ads and other ad networks work… and how to take advantage of them for your business. You could be wasting hundreds of dollars per month or losing out on thousands in income at the same time. What works? What doesn’t? and What should be focusing on to make sure your ads work their best?

This hands on training will empower and inform you on what it takes to properly manage and operate your digital ads with success.

Website Tips

Your website is THE first impression potential guests will get of your property. Do you know what it takes to succeed and show your best look? You will learn about the important concepts, practical applications and how to adjust and use your website for success. Take advantage of organic results (free traffic), work with partners, and overall leverage your web presence.

  • Basics of website designs
  • Elements that convert
  • Separating you from what your guests want (they often are opposed)
  • Integrating useful tools and booking aspects


Successful operators can generate significant income by streamlining their business and improving overall operations. Learn from the best in business on what you should and can do today to better operate your business.

  • Staffing considerations and management
  • HR processes and legal factors
  • Office operations and consumer interaction
  • Hospitality across areas – how to get your staff to provide a seamless experience
  • What to monitor and what not to.
  • Where are you losing money and how to fix it.

Money and Finances

Buying, selling, building and creating wealth off your outdoor destination business. In the end you need to be making money to pay the bills and keep the doors open. Learn:

  • Proper accounting systems
  • Measuring results
  • Understanding key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Value creation through efficiencies and operations.
  • Estate planning and business structure

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